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Geopolitics , international relations , building international relations , economics , geo-economics , finance, geofinansy , constitution, laws , state-building , public safety , antirossizm , antirussizm , human rights, law , international law , the CIS Anti-NATO , anti-terrorism , terrorism - terrorism .
VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference
May 15-16, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
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Institute for Applied Research, Technology and Economics, Institute of Economic Forecasting of NASU, Academy of Strategic Research, information and high technologies (ASRIHT), the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, Leningrad Interregional public organization of veterans of war and military service, fellow soldiers, Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts, MMOO " as a mechanism for conducting an undeclared war . "
World history of the last 50-80 years is full of many historical events that are of fundamental importance for the whole history of the planet buduschuschey . At the same time , in the framework of modern social science , publicly funded , not difficult to find partisan independent research on the analysis and genesis of many events , especially the last 50-25 years. So , before our eyes, in December 1991 , suddenly disappeared powerful and huge state - the USSR, no shots , no tanks and nuclear missile attacks. This is the most unique in the entire history of all humanity , and has not found proper attention and scientifically sound analysis and response , as official representatives of the social sciences , as well as representatives of the media and propaganda in the first place and foreign official .
Who and how to prepare and carry out the destruction of the USSR? What is the role of the leaders of the USSR ( MS Gorbachev M.S., Yeltsin B.N/ ... ) and the Union Republics, the ruling Communist Party of the USSR , in the center and in the field , the role of head of the Committee of State Security of the USSR and the Union Republics , the heads of other power ministries and agencies responsible for the security of the state , the role of media and culture in the preparation and success of the operation to destroy the Soviet Union? Only objective investigation, open scientific debate and scientific analysis can provide answers to these and other similar questions posed by life itself. This alone can afford to build a scientific system of the state , including the collective , the security of Russia , CIS , SCO, and many other countries, adequate challenges , the so-called " pseudo-democrats - hegemony ." It is the solution of these problems and the focus of this conference, which , according to experts , is the only one in the world.

Keywords: Conference , St. Petersburg , 2014, geopolitics, international relations, economics , geo-economics , finance, public safety , antirossizm , antirussizm , democracy, liberalism , fascism, Nazism , religion , human rights , the rights of the state.
On V - VII International conferences on geopolitics widely discussed problem of global expansion of Nazism and Fascism in the world, the use of military force and financial mechanisms pressure as tools of international terrorism. It is shown that these ideologies have become key for the development of a global strategy and tactics of U.S. policy , the European Union and NATO, which under the guise of traditional phrases about democracy and freedom (though without specifying to whom) launched World War III , but in other ways.
Indeed , recent developments in Ukraine indicate that the U.S., European Union and NATO are waging an undeclared war against Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. Testimony ( Catherine Ashton , the EU, head of the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and others) have proven participation of hundreds of specially trained military specialists and snipers from the U.S. Army , Poland, Turkey, Germany, France and other countries of the European Union and NATO in military events and killings on the Maidan in Kiev and other Ukrainian regions. Threats and cynical demagoguery , borrowed from Hitler's propaganda about human rights , freedom, democracy , lies , corruption , banditry , looting became the standard mechanism of preparation and implementation of undeclared wars , the establishment occupying Nazi and fascist regimes of power (Poland , Kosovo , Yugoslavia , Ukraine , the Baltic and the Arab countries ...). In essence , the EU is a continuation of the implementation of Hitler's ideas about creating a Fourth Reich , which is clearly seen on the continuity of the German authorities in the face of German Chancellor Kurt Kiesinger , who worked previously in the Propaganda Ministry of the Third Reich .
Penetration into Russia through the border regions of Ukraine maydanovskih Nazis ( children and grandchildren of Nazi UPA , under the guise of Hitler to destroy Polish , Russian , Jews, Ukrainians) their terror and looting - a real threat to Russia's security . Economic sanctions and temporary imposition of military units of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries on the border area of Ukraine to create "green zone" would be an adequate mechanism for the situation of humanitarian assistance to the brotherly Ukrainian people, the mechanism to protect public servants and civilians from the US- Ukraine evrosoyuzovskih thugs and Nazi " zapadentsev " enforcement mechanism illegitimate Kiev gangs to restore legitimate rule of law .
Events in Ukraine , especially in the context of the emergence of modern weapons from the extremists , particularly MANPADS " Bumblebee " and " Needle" , strengthen the opinion of experts , it is one of the stages of undeclared third world war of aggression waged by the United States , the European Union and NATO. In this regard , the actions of Russia , China, India and other countries of the CIS , of the SCO and BRICS should be adequate to ensure the security of states and citizens.
For a discussion of these and other problems Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to participate in the Conference , which will be held May 15-16, 2014 in St. Petersburg.
At the meetings of the Conference for consideration include the following questions:
- History, philosophy, theory and practice of geopolitics, geo-economics, national security, international relations, regional and world wars and religions;
- Nazism , fascism , racism , genocide, and the double standards of the US- evrosoyuzovskogo block. Western Europe , UK, USA and Canada , as the birthplace of Nazism, fascism, racism , genocide and concentration camps;
- The genocide of indigenous peoples in the United States, Canada, Australia , Eurasia, as one of the characteristics of the genotype superethnos Anglo-Saxons and Germans. Genesis and morphology, historical and geopolitical analysis;
- The European Union and NATO as mechanisms for implementing modern ideas of Hitler Germany to establish a Fourth Reich and U.S. ideas of world domination;
- The negative impact of unilateral destruction of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union , while maintaining and expanding NATO and the European Union to the East to change the geopolitical and geo-economic situation in the world, the security of Russia , CIS, Europe and Asia;
- "Eastern Partnership" as a mechanism of separation and vassalization post-Soviet countries and their integration into the clip geooruzhiya U.S. and NATO, and promotion to the first ranks of front war with Russia;
- Unipolar world , the legal vacuum in international relations , military information and financial-banking " lawlessness" - problems of the modern post-Soviet world;
- Ultra U.S. and EU that exceed their GDP (U.S. $ 17.5 trillion this . , For the European Union - € 11 trillion . (Equivalent to $ 15.2 trillion), Total, total debt of the so-called "golden billion" = $ 32 , 2 trillion) , fear of mass rejection of the dollar and the euro as a world currency , bankruptcy and exit from the United States and countries of the European Union as a motivating force to keep the outbreak of wars and revolutions;
- Return of Russia and other countries of the world to the gold equivalent in international financial transactions as a mechanism for the creation of independent real market rates;
- Occupational fascism , Nazism aggressive anti-Russian nationalities and inequality - the paradigm of modern power in Ukraine;
- Strengthening the naval group in the Black Sea Russia , including a squadron led by the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", extra Air Force and other arms of the Russian Federation - an adequate response to threats to the United States and NATO countries and Russia the Crimea;
- Trying to capture and physical destruction of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his family members , terror, captivity and hostage taking many deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and their families as a form of coup in Ukraine with direct participation of representatives of the EU and with the help of U.S. and NATO security forces;
- Problems and prospects of joint struggle of South- Eastern regions and Crimea antirussizma against anti-Semitism and Nazi thugs from the Western regions of Ukraine and their occupation of Kiev. Active democracy vs. Maidana - Bandera Nazi dictatorship in Kiev: weekly strike termination payment of taxes , the formation Liberation Army , the liberation of Kiev and the western regions of Ukraine from the Nazis , their trial ;
- Self-organization of Russian patriotic forces , the establishment of the guerrilla underground, regiments and divisions of self-defense in all South- Eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea with standard armament and structure: separation (8-12 men ) Platoon (3-4 branches) , company ( 2 - 4 platoon ) , battalion (2-4 companies) , etc. on the basis of people's militia with the participation of professional military and retired military personnel with a single General Staff and the leadership of Ukraine;
- General strike and blockade of temporal overlap of boundaries and roads in Western Ukraine , disarmament and arrest members of the Nazi gangs and liquidation maydanovskoy authorities in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities , the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis and the Western US- evrosoyuzovskih mercenaries;
- Imposing criminal and financial responsibility thugs, radicals and the Nazis from western Ukraine and their managers , sponsors and instructors from the United States , Poland, Turkey, Germany and other NATO countries;
- The referendum in the Crimea and Ukraine Southeast as a mechanism for the implementation of Article 5 of the Constitution of the people, as the bearer of sovereignty and the source of power in Ukraine , and the realization of the right to self-determination (UN);
- History of 20-21 centuries showed Ukraine as a failed state;
- Hold a referendum on the transfer of Hungary, Moldova, Poland and Western regions of Ukraine predominantly inhabited by the Magyars , Moldovans and Poles;
- Problems and prospects for the inclusion of Abkhazia , Transnistria , South Ossetia and other regions of the USSR into Russia , as legal successor of the Soviet Union;
- Legitimacy and enforceability of the results of a national referendum of 17 March 1991 on the preservation of the USSR ( single people was against the collapse of the USSR ) due to the absence of another referendum to abolish it results proves the legitimacy of the Soviet Union de jure;
- Termination of funding and free gas supplies and other goods (prepayment) Nazi illegitimate government of Ukraine as a mechanism for control by peaceful means with the Nazis and the Ukrainian antirossizmom . Payment Ukrainian oligarchs of all debts of Ukraine;
- Reduce interaction with illegitimate authority maydanovskoy Kiev and the restoration of rights , duties and powers , including the Commander , the popularly elected President Viktor Yanukovych ;
- Emergency and gangster garbage Kiev junta gold reserves , historical and cultural values ​​in the United States as an indicator of instability in Ukraine psevdovlasti thieves and its nature;
- Temporary transfer from Kiev to Kharkiv or Odessa legitimate authorities of Ukraine: The President and his Administration , Parliament, government , courts , police and other state agencies;
- The intervention of NATO and the European Union ( NATO snipers , money , attack ) in the internal affairs of Ukraine - an act of aggression and a gross violation of the Constitution , the UN Charter, international treaties , international law, human rights;
- Confederation structure of the country as a real mechanism for the development of the political situation in Ukraine and the ability to save her frustrated statehood ;
- Historiography illegitimate exclusion of Crimea and Ukraine from Russia in the 20th century. Problems and prospects for recovery of legitimate status and reunification illegally seized and occupied territories of Crimea , Southeast and other parts of Ukraine and Russia;
- Central and South- Eastern regions of Ukraine - the acceleration of the referenda , the creation of regional authorities, independent illegitimate Kiev occupationally - Nazi junta Maidan as a mechanism of democratization and the rule of law targeting local authorities and the army of self-defense in the Ukraine;
- Kosovo, the Turkish area in Cyprus , Guantanamo and other studies as the basis of applying the rule of precedent in international law;
- Is it possible to use Kiev evromaydana experience in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy , Turkey, Israel, China , India and other countries to fuel conflict and civil wars, racial , ethnic , religious and other grounds ?;
- Exploring different options planned introduction U.S. and NATO troops and the division of Ukraine its western neighbors of Poland, Hungary , Romania and Slovakia;
- " Cold " War as a mechanism to maintain the balance of power and a world without doing "hot" wars ( with conducting actual combat);
- Annual 5-10 % reduction in oil and gas exports as a mechanism for increasing commodity reserves in Russia, increasing domestic consumption for industrial growth and increasing exports of high-tech products;
- 10-15% of the annual transition to ruble trade during the export-import operations as a mechanism to reduce the dependence of Russia and CIS countries from threats of international sanctions in Western countries;
- Annual 5-10 % reduction in Russia's trade with the EU countries as a mechanism to diversify investment , torgovozakupochnoy , optimization of market mechanisms , correction Russia's Development Strategy;
- Establishment of an independent United States and the European Union of an international tribunal and the prosecution of the leaders of the U.S. , the EU and NATO geotsid and the waging of war against Iraq , Serbia , Ukraine and other countries of the world . Gene Sharp , theorist and ideologue prosshatovskih coups of " schizophrenic American political system ";
- Regression towards radical Nazism , racism , great-power chauvinism , medieval gunboat diplomacy as an indicator of the increasing aggressiveness of the U.S., Germany , UK, France and other countries of the EU and NATO;
- Threats to the U.S. and other leaders of the EU and NATO to Russia and other CIS countries as a gross violation of international law;
- The liability for the debts illegitimate government of Ukraine to the United States and the European Union recognize the legitimacy of power as the principle kollegionalnoy responsibility;
- Government statement Chancellor Angela Merkel in the German Bundestag 03.13.14 supporting the Nazi government in Kiev as a return to the ideology and practice of the Nazi Germany of the 1930s in the spirit of Adolf Hitler's speeches as an indication of the revival of Nazism , racism , genocide and antirossizma in Western Europe;
- Illegitimate decision by the heads of independent Germanic countries from August 31, 1990 on the Elimination of UN member of the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany swallowing without a referendum , the so-called " German unification " , while more than 60% of East Germans was against the unification of Germany;
- Centenary of oppression and genocide of the indigenous Germans Slavic people Luzheskih Serbs (Serbski lud), which state territory previously occupied almost all modern East Germany as an indicator of a centuries-old paradigm of Nazi Germany. Problems and prospects for recovery Luzheskoy Serbia , at least for the rights of autonomy to save Slavic superethnos;
- Response steps Russia and CIS sanctions Germany, France, Poland and other countries of the European Union : the answer to the first step - a 20% increase in the cost of gas and 20 % reduction in the volume of deliveries , and on the second step - 50 % and 50% , in the third step - 90 % and 90% as adequate responses within conducting economic warfare;
- The planned two - tenfold reduction in the next 3-10 years of bilateral trade between Russia and the EU countries , the U.S. and NATO . Transition to torgovozakupochnoy and investment activities with the BRICS countries and other friendly countries as a mechanism to diversify and reduce dependence on pressure mechanisms geonatsistov West to Russia;
- The illegitimacy of extrajudicial sanctions the U.S. and EU countries as a mechanism for gross violation of the UN Charter , international law and other treaties. Legal precedent and global consequences of such actions the U.S. and the European Union ;
- Go to the principles of internal competition and self-sufficiency of the dominant development of education , high technology, innovation, fundamental and applied research as a strategy for development of Russia and other CIS countries and the return of the world leaders in the years 2020-2030;
- One-sided information flows Western media from the West to the East with the falsification of facts and the systematic prosecution of Russia in different fictional human rights and freedoms while silencing a huge number of the most flagrant violations of them in the U.S., the EU and NATO;
- Pull in Russia and other CIS countries in endless and useless discussion disturbances at us with full silencing gross human rights violations and the state as they have one of the mechanisms of information warfare;
- TV , movies and other media as propaganda and incitement mechanisms of ethnic and religious hatred and conflicts unconstitutional governance , totalitarianism , fascism , Nazism and ideological aggression ;
- Substantial geographic expansion and increase in power and activity of Russian media in all languages ​​of the world and bring their power to combat power of the Western media;
- Increase the relevance of establishing parity forces aircraft carriers fleets, nuclear missiles , missile defense and other types of defensive and offensive weapons of modern Russia , CIS, USA, the EU and NATO;
- Problems of inadequate reduction treaties and non-proliferation of nuclear missile and other types of strategic offensive and defensive weapons modern geopolitical realities . Russia's withdrawal from the START III and other restrictive agreements and prohibiting the mechanism of strengthening the security of Russia and its allies;
- Possession of nuclear missiles , missile defense , air defense and other types of modern weapons in the unipolar world and the aggressiveness of the U.S. and NATO - the legal right of all sovereign states on the necessary self-defense;
- Study the possibility of testing the missile , nuclear and thermonuclear weapons in the atmosphere , underwater and in other environments as a mechanism to reduce the threat of aggression the U.S., EU and NATO, and alignment forces developed and underdeveloped countries of the world;
- Reorganization of inefficient ministries : Ministry of Economic Development in the State Planning Commission , the Central Bank of the State Bank or the Federal Reserve System , the Federal Security Service in the KGB, the Ministry of Education in the Ministry of Education and SSTC , state corporations in general and sectoral ministries medium machine building, instrument , electronic, radio, publishing, chemical and petrochemical industry, etc. , taking into account the positive and negative experiences of the USSR;
- Military Aspects of Security geostrategy Russia : space, ocean, land . Acceleration placement of nuclear missiles and missile along the ocean coast of the U.S. and other NATO countries with adequate threats Russia and CIS flight time and combat power ;
- General and direct elections of leaders and members of parliament of the Union State of Russia and Belarus and the CIS - the only mechanism for the development of the Union State and the CIS as a real geopolitical subjects of international law with uniform : currency, army , citizenship;
- Elimination of U.S. military bases and NATO in Europe and Asia , as a mechanism for the dissolution of NATO combat preparation and holding of new wars global fascism and Nazism;